Hello and welcome to our web site. I hope the information
in these pages will increase public awareness of the services and
activities of the Division of Administrative Law (DAL).

As the founding director of the DAL, my goal is to establish the DAL
as a standard for fair and impartial hearings. Although DAL is a
small agency, its impact is huge.
DAL listens to Louisianians with grievances and challenges to actions
of state government.

The DAL fair administrative hearings process provides assurance to Louisianians that governmental agencies operate in compliance with applicable statues and rules and in a manner that promotes public trust. We are here to serve. If you or your agency are interested in having
the DAL handle your administrative hearings, please contact us at (225) 342-1800.

I hope you find our site helpful and interesting. For more information about our agency, feel
free to explore FAQ’s or any other page on our website, as well as the highlighted linked websites. Send any questions or comments to the webmaster via email.

Thank you for visiting with us.
Ann Wise

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 DAL Executive Summary