Department of Civil Service
Division of Administrative Law

Strategic Plan
FY 2017-2018 THROUGH FY 2021-2022 – Agency NO. 17-564

::   Vision Statement
  To improve the quality of life in the state of Louisiana by providing high quality, fair and impartial adjudicatory hearings.

::  Mission Statement
  To provide a neutral forum for handling administrative hearings for certain state
agencies, with respect for the dignity of individuals and their due process rights.

::  Philosophy Statement
  When disputes arise between state agencies and those they regulate, the people of the state of Louisiana deserve fair, prompt and orderly adjudications conducted by
independent and impartial administrative law judges.

::  Goals
Provide due process to the citizens of the state and to the executive branch agencies, through fair hearings conducted by independent, impartial, and professional administrative law judges.
Maintain the independence and integrity of the Division of Administrative Law, and
protect the role of the Administrative Law Judge as an impartial adjudicator.
Continue to develop a more efficient and fair hearings and decision process.
Statutory authority for goals: La. R.S. 49:991-999.

::  Program: Administration
  The DAL is one agency, one program and one activity.

::& Principal Clients and Users
  The principal clients and users of the DAL are state agencies identified and not exempt by La. R.S. 49:992 or other applicable law, and any juridical person of the State involved in an administrative hearing. The specific service or benefit derived by such persons is impartial adjudicatory hearings. The Division is statutorily authorized to provide hearings services to executive branch state agencies. The potential client population served by the DAL therefore includes all governmental agencies and persons involved in disputes with such agencies that need a hearing. The DAL may conduct many different types of hearings, and the list of agencies that send cases to DAL has continued to change. The client population changes as the demand for hearings services from state agencies changes.

The general public is DAL’s largest client; directly when their position is represented in high profile cases by public interest groups, e.g. environmental cases, and indirectly when the decision in a case impacts the quality of life of the public at large.

While they are not consumers of hearings services in the same sense as the parties to a contested case, attorneys who represent clients in cases before the DAL are also part of the client population served. These attorneys work directly with the DAL in all phases of the administrative hearings process and depend upon the DAL to effectively administer the process.